Product Design for Native iOS Apps

Sara is a talented designer with great knowledge of Photoshop and the tools of her trade. She provides great finished results for both web and print, producing posters, banners, postcards and clothing designs with as much skill as she produces web templates and newsletter designs.- Colby
She is very keen on enhancing product through smart UX informed by a complete knowledge of modern best-practices and sharp common sense. Even when making a minor product change I would seek her feedback and discussion to the benefit of our work. - Chris
Sara is by far one of the most valuable employees I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is someone who is willing to learn everything, never just adapt and settle for something mediocre but to push herself to get the best results possible. She is dedicated, talented and extremely innovative. - Sonia
Sara is extremely professional and is a pleasure to work with. She’s driven, focused, highly responsive and very gifted. From a company owner’s perspective, she’s a rare find. If you review some of her past work, you’ll see for yourself. - Rob